Review: Runik brings tile matching madness to Android

Review: Runik brings tile matching madness to Android

I’m a large enthusiast of puzzle games on my cellphone for two explanations: usually they are quite straightforward to decide up, and they are inclined to be straightforward on my ageing Droid’s inadequate processor. Accessibility is essential for Android games, and puzzlers appear to be to be 1 of the handful of genres that can profit from touchscreen controls.

Runik’s a great illustration this new game arrives to us from crew SoFresh and has the difference of staying a purely Android game. I give this props mainly because there appears to be way far too numerous “port of an iOS” titles these days.

Runik’s very simple: it throws a “match 3 or more” method at you, which is extremely simple to select up. Gamers start with a entire board of runes and match right until no mixtures continue to be. The only detail shifting the tiles is the force of gravity, so it pays to consider methods forward prior to you crack primarily massive chains.

When mixtures are exhausted, the leftovers turn to stone any tiles cleared following to these stone parts, nevertheless, become active all over again. If played unwisely, this can lead to a very minimal enjoying house. Play carries on until there are actually no extra moves, but I haven’t arrived at this nonetheless. As you distinct runes of a coloration, meters at the bottom for every color fill. When topped up, they give a score bonus for that color, and when activated, obvious all the tiles of that variety. This potential customers to a extremely strategic usage: you don’t want to waste that score bonus with several tiles on the field.

Controls are basic: click to match. Not much to say there. Having said that, it can be a minor bothersome to have to wait around for the gravity result of falling blocks to finish just before making your subsequent match. The graphics are wonderful and audio is a generic “calming puzzle music” soundtrack, but they both do their jobs exceptionally well I could play a puzzler of big pixels and a MIDI loop in the history if the gameplay is addicting and practical.

There are achievements and profiling supported by ScoreLoop, but I really don’t definitely bother with these factors. It’s ample to have to sign up with OpenFeint for some titles in get to stop prompts I’m not going to sign up if it’s non-intrusive, like Runik. I’m going to give props for not shoving it down our throats, though.

Runik is free and advertisement-supported, so I definitely suggest it. So much, this is SoFresh’s very first offering to the Android industry, and I hope it won’t be their previous.

Obtain Runik below.

Matt Demers is Droid Life’s App person, and would adore a fantastic port to Tetris Assault, or Pokemon Puzzle League. These games were being legit.

You can locate him on Twitter, or call him by means of his Droid Life e-mail.

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