Review: Meganoid for Android

Review: Meganoid for Android

1 of the issues I have liked about my new Atrix is the means to play far more games at entire blast, so to discuss. There’s a unique difference among my overclocked-to-hell-and-back again Milestone and this dual-cored beast, and it seriously demonstrates when you run some apps. Meganoid, however, is a game that will work incredibly nicely no issue what phone you have. A combine of aged-college platforming and new-faculty mechanics, this OrangePixel supplying is rather outstanding.

The premise is uncomplicated: your character “Hero” have to traverse a quantity of more and more-tough degrees, obtain gems and keep away from the several 1-hit-kill hazards that stand amongst him and the level’s conclusion. As you play via the stages, medals are specified at the stop of every dependent on how many gems you accumulate and regardless of whether you beat the level’s timer or not. It is pretty comparable to games like Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV uncomplicated mechanics, but a trouble that ramps up speedily to maintain you hooked.  

The Hero can double soar and select up crates to throw at aliens that looks to be the extent of his skill established. Almost everything else is still left up to the player to see no matter if he survives or not. This, nonetheless, is held reasonably non-irritating by the slick controls at your disposal. The game has a quantity of command strategies, including on-display screen buttons (my choice) and tilt controls. I haven’t been in a position to get my fingers on a WiiMote to check out its distant controller operation, but I can picture it adds a new layer to the “old school” gaming experience. I’ll surely be attempting this out as soon as I can.

When this may well seem to be bizarre to say, the game feels very complete. The controls work incredibly effectively, and are simple to pick up. The worries are laid out properly, and truly feel fulfilling to realize: beating the timer and obtaining all the gems for a level unlocks the “Sarge” model of that stage, where you play as a unique sprite but in a greatly more tricky format. This is equivalent to the “Dark World” of Tremendous Meat Boy in the perception that avid gamers who do not want to play the stages can skip more than them completely, but the masochists in us can try them out if we want. There is also OpenFeint assistance for people who like individuals shiny achievements, but I usually skip over them.

I only have a pair complaints about this game, and they are similar to the mechanics. For occasion, you only have a a few lifestyle limit for every play session: if you die a few moments promptly, it’s back to the primary menu for you. For significantly hard amounts, this is discouraging other games that can get rid of you immediately at minimum have the courtesy to permit you spawn infinitely. One more quirk is that the countdown timer does not reset when you die if you’re hoping to beat the time on particularly hard concentrations, you superior hope to get them completed on your initially check out. Even though this does not appear to be main, it kind of punishes gamers who want to meet up with that purpose and die.

In any other case, I simply cannot genuinely come across a rationale to not advise this game. It plays very well and all the sections match together nicely it even wins some factors from me because there does not seem to be an iOS port. I come to feel that there isn’t adequate Android-distinctive games with polish in the Marketplace, and ideally Meganoid will inspire some builders to action up in conditions of good quality.

Meganoid is a free obtain in the Android Marketplace.

Matt Demers is Droid Life’s app guy and is stunned how normally he picks this up just to play a degree or two. If you like his get the job done, you can find him on Twitter and check out out his portfolio.

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