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Get Ready to Shed $50,000 for a $400 Mac Pro Wheels That Do Not Lock! Is This Apple’s Biggest Fail So Far?

Apple launched and confirmed off its new Mac Pro in 2019, and it came with unique insert-ons and the enterprise also gave the choice for entrepreneurs to obtain a established of wheels for this workstation. Just in situation you plan on moving it all-around, this new addition in the established up is likely what you are looking for. Apart from the simple fact that the Mac Pro now has a whopping $50,000 selling price tag, the wheels do not appear cheap as anticipated and this tag has $400 published on it which expenses more than they need to, but then once again, its Apple.

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There is a capture..

If your heart is established on dropping revenue for this workstation, there is one particular factor that you need to have to know, the wheels do not have a locking mechanism.

This discovery comes from popular Tech YouTuber, Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee, who tweeted about the wheels saying, “#protip, never get the wheels if you keep this matter on your desk. There are no locks.”


Based on the video clip he tweeted, he basically confirmed that a Mac Pro and its wheels are a pair of a catastrophe waiting around to take place when still left unattended. It fundamentally rolls alone close to which is possibly not what you when you are organizing on environment this up on your table or desk or basically, any surface.

Mac Pro has good style and design though the wheels are useful for workplace movers

Wheels on the Mac Professional have been explained to be ideal or beneficial for movie editors and whatnot. In particular if they are on the shift most of the time. This all-new design from Apple has only one target, and that is effectiveness. The Mac Professional is designed on a stainless metal place frame with an aluminum housing that pulls up whereby the proprietor or user can have 360-degree entry to every corner and component

This workstation has a ton of optional add-ons together with, Apple’s Afterburner card, Belkin lock adapter, the Pegasus R4i, J2i storage modules and you can also update the RAM up to 245GB. If you want to update to a dully maxed out Mac Pro, you can do so by obtaining it for a staggering $53,000 that comes with an astonishingly 28-main CPU with 1.5TB Ram and 4GB SSD along with a DDR4 ECC memory that can go up to 2933MHz and a memory bandwidth can peak to 140GB/s and a 6-channel memory system.

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As for the wheels that mainly prices $100 for every piece, allow us just all hope that Apple fixes this issue just by really putting locks on them. Following all, nobody would want their new $53,000 shiny Mac Professional to stop up in pieces on the flooring.

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