[BREAKING] Xbox Reportedly Faces Lawsuit Due to Intentional

[BREAKING] Xbox Faces Lawsuit Due to Alleged Intentional ‘Drifting’ Controllers

Have you experienced ‘drifting’ gaming controllers, especially on Microsoft’s Xbox? On Apr. 28, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Microsoft after alleged issues of intentionally breaking the controller system on its gaming console. As reported, customers of the brand experience the same problem with their controllers every time the warranty expires on the console. 

Xbox accused of breaking the controller system to gain profit says report

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[BREAKING] Xbox Reportedly Faces Lawsuit Due to Intentional ‘Drifting’ Controllers

According to the report of Video Games Chronicles, a class-action lawsuit has been recently filed against Microsoft over its ‘drifting’ Xbox gaming controllers.

Drifting is a common problem in gaming controllers. This is when a controller moves differently, contrary to what the users’ are touching. Sometimes, the game even registers the controller movement though the controllers are left untouched.

Drifting controllers were said to be one of the most common problems that gamers experience when it comes to Xbox.

“A large volume of consumers have been complaining about stick drift on Xbox One controllers since at least 2014,” said on the filed case. “A simple Google search on this issue reveals multiple fora and message boards dedicated to sticking drift; YouTube instructional videos of users attempting to fix the issue on their own; and even replacement joystick components from Amazon and other sellers.”

As explained, plaintiff Donald McFadden filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, a class-action lawsuit against the said ‘manipulation’ of Microsoft with their gaming controllers.

McFadden admits buying his own Xbox gaming console. After ‘a short time,’ the reported drifting controllers happen. Due to the problem, he decided to purchase another Elite controller. However, the same problem occurs after “three to four months” of usage.

The plaintiff explains that he spent “a considerable amount of time” to fix and repair the said damages of the controllers. To fix the issue, McFadden claims that he even checked the Xbox settings to find the solution to the problem. Unfortunately, nothing changed.

Microsoft behind the ‘drifting’ controllers?

[BREAKING] Xbox Reportedly Faces Lawsuit Due to Intentional 'Drifting' Controllers

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[BREAKING] Xbox Reportedly Faces Lawsuit Due to Intentional ‘Drifting’ Controllers

The class-action lawsuit was entailed with allegations against Microsoft being the person behind the said flawed controllers. Shockingly, the file even insists that Xbox intentionally does this tactic.

McFadden accuses Microsoft of being aware of the said flawed controllers but “failed to disclose the defect and routinely refuses to repair the controllers without charge when the defect manifests.”

As explained, the ‘potentiometer’ found within the joystick component is a “mechanism that translates the physical movement of the thumbstick into movement within a game.” This same controller piece, however, contains an alleged design flaw.

It says that the wiper component of the potentiometer scrapes resistive material off a curved track, resulting in unwanted electrical contact without input from the user.

For now, Xbox has not yet commented on the issue.

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